The mountains of the western ghats guarded the most fearsome, indomitable and ravishing kingdom of the south – The Chera Empire. The river Cauvery originates from the kudagu mountain in the Chera Empire and flows into the Chola Empire, making the land fertile and rich in vegetation. Its majestic appearance and massive volume will make us suspect whether it is really a river or an ocean. It makes everyone gets astonished and mesmerized at the very first sight. This river is the reason behind the Chola Empire to be the biggest producer of rice. The city which is located at this backwater region of Cauvery is Kaviripoompatinam. It was one of the oldest port city of the Chola's and was used for trading before the existence of Viksharnapatinam.  This was the place where all the goods were exchanged for a commodity.
   The ship of Velvichan which started its journey from the south reached the port of Kaviripoompatinam. By the order of velvichan, merchant magizhan was sent as a messenger to the Chola’s palace. Velvichan’s other order was to send the goods what they carried from the port city of Pandiyan Empire to their respective places. Then he reported to the port hub, giving the details of the goods carried by him and signed in the registrar. After finishing the formalities in the port, with a small private force of him, he started traveling north, across the city Sailam and entered the mountain range Cherava Rayan. Crossing mountain range Cherava Rayan, he felt a unique breeze, which indicated he had entered the Vaduga kingdom.

  The kingdom of Vaduga looked like it is covered with a green mat. It was a kingdom enriched with mountains. Even though the kingdom wasn't originated in ancient times, the people lived who lived there had a long and healthy life. The mountain ranges were at higher altitude and had very high peaks. These mountains attracted velvichan a lot. Though he had been through this route several times, his love for this route never ceased. After traveling for a while in the route, towards the capital city of Vaduga Kingdom, he meant to see a wonderful sight. He was on his horse apart from a distance from an elegant girl, who looked so adorable. She was actually collecting something in the forest and was taking rest, with her eyes closed. Yet Velvichan could see a charm in her face. Something said to Velvichan “She is not a normal girl”. 

   Velvichan had seen a lot of women and girls, but he was never attracted to anyone. But this girl was enchanting. Both charm and calmness were being expressed on her face simultaneously. Though those traits were contradicting each other, it was endearing and complementing in her case. Velvichan could never resist his eyes falling on her. On that forest, a small streak of sunshine pierced the branches of the trees and fell on her face. By the time it fell on her, her face noded as it annoyed her. Velvichan understood her response to that sunshine which fell on her. Hence he moved his horse to block that sunshine. That girl’s face reflected calmness as a response, but within seconds she realized someone is in her vicinity. She opened her eyes as a response to it and found velvichan on his horse in a distance from her, also his private force which was on a distance from him. She suddenly stood upright and walked fast and disappeared into the forest. Velvican was starring the path until she disappeared and moved his horse towards the capital city.
   Velvichan entered the palace of the capital city, through the entrance which is mainly meant for the entry of ministers. By the second he entered the entrance, a group of ministers and higher officials of the kingdom welcomed him with flowers and greetings. He was then directed to a special guest room of the palace. Due to tiredness of the journey, he took some rest in the bed which was decorated with flowers for him. After a while, a guard informed: “You can now go to the meeting hall, for your meeting with the queen”. Velvichan thought himself, “I can’t miss this chance, I should convince her” and walked fast to the meeting hall. 

   When he was sitting in the hall, he heard a voice “The Queen of The Vaduga Kingdom is arriving”. A gentle and bold lady entered the hall surrounded by guards. She was looking comparatively younger than the people of her age. Her appearance showed her confidence. She was the Queen of the Vaduga Kingdom Narchonai. She ruled the whole kingdom single-handedly. She was a role model for her citizens. Velvichan stood up and greeted her. He then explained her the reason for his presence on her Kingdom and explained to her clearly what are all the things to be done in the near future. He demanded something personal belonged to the  Vadugan Queen Narchonai

    Narchonai was totally confused and was not in a state to take any decisions. Her face turned pale. Velvichan continued “ I hope the Queen of Vaduga Kingdom’s decision will be on my side”. Narchonai said, “It’s a very critical situation of my life. I am so much confused about the decision I am going to make. Twenty-five years ago, my husband died in the war field, after getting injured by arrows, swords and other weapons. I lost him, I lost my people. I lost sleep. I lost happiness. I had no hope in my life. As you know, she came. She gave me hope. She gave me happiness. She gave me my braveness back. She gave me a rebirth – Nimalini my daughter” Narchonai's eyes were filled with tears when she said Nimalini.
   “I thought someday, she might know the truth. Today the truth came in the form of you. It’s okay, do you think Nimalini will accept the forthcoming events. Till date, I am her mother and she is my daughter. Nimalini doesn’t know anything. Even if she comes to know by you, she won’t accept. It's something next to impossible. As a Queen, I should also accept this but as a mother, I can’t accept” Velvichan suddenly interrupted “ Respectable Queen, whatever happens, you are the mother of Nimalini and she is your daughter. This is the truth and no one can change it. It’s actually like when your daughter gets married to another kingdom, she will leave you and start living her life. It's normal for any princess. And I hope you did not forget anything that happened in your past. I would like to recollect a memory from your past. Twenty-five years ago, you gave a precious gift to a person named ‘Subbaiyan’. Do you remember?”
  The name mentioned by Velvichan made Queen Narchonai travel back in her memory lane. Her memories of the old man Subbaiyan started striking her mind. She felt like “No mother in this world should happen to face my situation”. Velvichan Continued “ I hope you can understand what am I talking about”. Narchonai suddenly sent a messenger to the private room of Princess Nimalini with an order signed by the queen. It was written, 
                                              "Report to the meeting hall immediately" 


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