This world is not aware of what is happening around it. It is actually running inside time. Time is uncertain. A living organism which does not change with respect to this uncertain time loses its tendency to live. So mental and physical evolution with respect to time is necessary.  Present, past, and future – all depends on one another. People tend to forget their past and worry about their future. They never realize that their future depends on the past. Many may think “What is in the past?”. For them, I have only one answer – “History repeats”. Time is the hero, which makes the right decision at the right time. It makes the right people meet at the right occasion, no matter what trouble it faces. At the same time, it makes the right people meet the right history. It makes them dig harder to find the history to predict their future. I would like to leave the question “what lies in the future?” to the audience. Because the right people are the readers, who are going to dig this history to know their own future. Here we  revealed some of the ancient secrets and have compiled them into a story. This story will make you experience the past, experience the secrets which you have missed in your life. These secrets will be the major constituent of your future. Never miss this.  

Sevu Arjun

The Kingdoms and Empires of the Story THENPULANGAVAL


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